Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day - Train Ride!

Well of course we had to take our little engineer on a Memorial Day train excursion to the Train Museum.  Here he is being a ham.

It was a treat to see him enjoy himself so much.  I even ran into one of my students and his family.  My student was so gentle and kind to my son.  I think we might have been there all day if we didn't have to go get a bite to eat and visit grandma.

Only three more days with my students. We will be going to the park tomorrow and coming back to school for  a pizza lunch birthday party for a student.  We will be doing some of clean up and finish reading A Little Princess.  They are enjoying reading and discussing the characters.  I am hoping to get the movie so they can compare it.

The clean up consists of some fun with saving cream.

I will have my students write a little note to put in next year's students' pencil pouches.  I'll use die cut stars.  They can just give them a little note of encouragement on their new year.  

I still need to put together their summer gifts.  I'll be giving them a summer packet:

Also, I'll be making these for the students to include with my gift of the summer packet.  They might not find the packet to be much of a gift but I'm still presenting it that way.  :) 

Thank you Teri, from A Cupcake for the Teacher, for the inspiration and freebie!  


  1. I just found your blog. Loving it! I'm your newest follower. Very cute ideas. Thanks for sharing.