Monday, November 5, 2012

November Currently

Long time no see.....

I have been knee deep in the trenches of adjusting to changes at school, this post is somewhat of a whining session.  We were able to get a morning recess. So my sanity was saved with that.   It looks as though our wonderful staff is dealing with all the changes that our new reading program has brought.  Many of us are thinking that a lot of things weren't broken so why do we need to get rid or change what has worked.

Morale isn't high at all.  I'm trying to keep my little learners from feeling any of this but it is tough.

I'm dealing with a new battle.  I am advocating for my students with IEPs who are being placed in a reading group that is at their frustration level and not their instructional level. Why? The para can't be cut in half. Why must they struggle and feel unsuccessful because the admin doesn't want to do what is right.  It rocked me to the core since I truly know that this is how my son will be treated when I want to bring him to my school.  Of course I know my rights and see what is going on so I would fight.  I shake my head thinking that what happened to these ladies who are suppose to be educators first.

I have always thought "DO NO HARM" to my students.  They are already facing many things and I believed all educators had the best interest in the students first.  Being in education has been a major roller coaster ride.  

This week is conference week and I'm going to try and stay positive and hope that I can rock some sense into the admin when it comes to my students. If not then I will have exposed a bulls-eye on my back as being difficult and not going with the status quo.  I don't seem to mind it though.  

As always I hope to post some free items soon, I have some adorable clip art that I have yet to use.   I won some of the brag tags and I'll have to post soon how the kids are loving them and I'l be participating in a postcard exchange that my students will love.  More about that when I can breath.  

Thanks for hearing my rant.  

Thanks to Farley for hosting.