Monday, July 4, 2011

Near and Dear to My Heart,

I have blogged about the wonderful classroom and student supplies I have received with I also know that a lot of my blogging buddies have projects up as we speak (I mean as we blog). I just wanted to send some resources your way.

There was recently a webinar given by Francie Kugelman on Laura Chandler's website. You can find a link here.

Also if you have not already liked|We Teach on Facebook. I highly recommend it. Click here to join.

Here is a website where all you need to do is put in the URL from your latest project to create a flyer. Click here to make your own.

I'm having trouble with google docs, so sorry it is so small.

The following items I don't take credit for being the primary creator, they were shared on the Facebook page and I added what worked for me.

This fall Limeades for Learning will be in full swing. Please click here for more information.

I also have one way to keep track of thank you letters and pictures that the donors receive after you project is fully funded. I needed to make the chart to keep track this year since we were blessed with a surge of kind donors. That will be up soon.

Have a Happy 4th!


  1. I just made the poster and can't wait to find some places to post it!! Thanks so much for sharing, Lorena!!
    I am almost to 100 followers... come visit me if you have a chance.
    Life's a Teach!!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love donors choose, but never got a project funded before. I hope to do better next school year.

  3. Hi Lorena,

    I'm the co-creator of Print and Share. Thank you so much for linking to the website; I hope that teachers find it helpful in getting their projects funded.

    I'd love your feedback. Right now we're waiting for the judging period to end (next week!) but after that we'll be making some further updates.

    In community,

  4. If anyone is looking for somewhere to donate a dollar or two to Donors Choose, please check out my project