Saturday, April 9, 2011

These are a few (or 7) of my favorite things....

1. I love to window shop on Etsy. I actually shop occasionally, but I’d be further in debt if I gave into buying all my favorite items I have on there.

2. I love coffee, white chocolate mochas are awesome. I'm not addicted like my hubby but some days they just hit the spot.

3. I love my warm cozy bed, it is one of the comfy spots at home.

4. I love sushi. Fresh sushi from the sushi bar puts a smile on my face.

5. I used to collect angels but not so much anymore, still think they are peaceful and serene. I still have one that is a small version of this one on my dresser.

6. I loved to watch detective shows, I miss Monk and Law and Order Criminal Intent- Vincent D'Onofrio I miss you. The other shows that are just too gruesome. Now I’m stuck on reality t.v. Andy Cohen is my best bud at BRAVO.

7.Disney Pixar movies are a big favorite of my son, for some reason he just isn't into regular old cartoons. I have watched almost all of the Pixar movies at least 20 times.

I don't believe any of that was school related. :)

Thanks Katie for holding this linky party.
Don't be left out, join in.


  1. thanks for joining in! I feel like I'm missing out on Monk- that's one show I've never seen! I'll be sure to check it out! :)

  2. I guess you haven't heard the news...Vincent will be back with Kathryn Erbe for a new season of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" on May 1st, USA Network @ 9:00 p.m. EST. It was promoted as the "final season" but recent talk shows that Vincent has been on have him hinting that the show may continue.

  3. I must have been under a rock or watching too much Bravo. Thank you so much for the news.