Friday, April 5, 2013

Autism Part 2 - Freebie

I got this wonderful graphic from Kinder Alphabet.

Other items that have helped in our journey have been:

A Picture Exchange Communication System-  We use pictures for his routine and he knows what comes next or requests things that way sometimes. We took pictures of him doing various activities or things he likes and laminated them. We put up some Velcro and attached Velcro to the pictures right outside his room. I keep saying we but really my husband made these.

Sensory Diet:  My little guy loves to spin.  So we have tried to use other methods to have him get the same comfort he gets from that movement.  He has a mini trampoline and a huge bean bag to jump and lay on.  He loves to have many blankets on him.  Even if he has a weighted blanket.  He goes to gym once a week to move, dance and play.

Sounds and food textures are the toughest right now.  Things are too loud a lot of the time.  He doesn't like to experiment with food to much. (If you have any suggestions I am all ears.)

Water Play: He loves to play in water!  We are trying to get him to learn how to swim this year since water is a huge love for him. Bath time is play time and now with the weather getting warmer he wants to water his flowers as a ploy to get him to run free with the hose.

Waiting List: Not so fun is being on a waiting list.  To get more services we are on a waiting list.  Our insurance isn't the greatest so we are hoping when we get off this list we can get more services.  Until then we do the best we can.

I'm blessed!
This is my little guy going blue this month.  
Every small success is truly a big thing in our life.
This is an activity I have done with my son to practice the color words and vocabulary words.  I would print it and laminate.  You can always tape the pictures to the crayons or write and erase on them. I hope you can use it.

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