Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scheduling - Venting

I haven't posted for a bit since we have had training this week and I was trying to cram in some family time too.  

I need your feedback. 

So here is what has been going on. This week of training has been interesting to say the least.  I kept hearing rumblings about our new schedules and teaching blocks.  I thought my collegues had the information incorrect.  They kept saying there was NO morning recess.  I just didn't believe it.  Then, today in black and white it was there.  The kids and teachers will not get a fresh air break until almost noon for their lunch recess.  

Okay, please tell me there is a school that opperatates like this and it works.  I am so shocked on so many levels.  As a teacher I don't think it is right to not give students a break in the morning.  They need to get their yayas out and move.  As an employee I also think it is asking too much to not get a break to use the bathroom.  I take meds that inturn require me to use the bathroom.  Now I'll have to arrange for someone to come in as I run to the "potty." 

I know I chose this profession but really.  If you read my blog you will know I no longer have my uterus since I had that wonderful surgery in June.  I think how tough it would be to take care of business if I still had it and menstrated.  (Sorry, TMI)

As always, I'll work through it but boy it is going to be tough.
I am also every so lucky (smirk) to have my prep at the end of the day.  Get this, the recess they are given is at 2:00-2:15 and Specials are at 2:15.  It doesn't make sense to me to not break up the day a little differently.  

If any of you teach at a school where their is no recess until almost noon please let me know.   Does it work?  Are we nuts?  Will I have a breakdown? 

I picked the greatest week to start a new fitness program too.  I start a fast next week and working out.  Boy, I know who will try not to be cranky.  A ray of sunshine I may not be next week but I have hope that I can get to know my students and enjoy building my classroom family.

Sorry there aren't any new items or freebies.  I intend to work on some since I love the little mad money that is coming from it.  I'm going to put it towards getting Joshua items I have on a wish list for him.  

Okay, enough whhhaaaa whaaaaaing.  I hope tomorrow is better and I can work with this schedule.  If you made it this far thanks for listening.  


  1. We don't get recess until noon at my school. It works-ish. Two days a week we have P.E at 10 so that breaks it up. But the other days are tough to get through let me tell you. Last year we did centers on the days we didn't have P.E that seemed to break up the instruction a bit.

    I have the teacher across the hall watch my class during snack so I can use the bathroom.

    It's not ideal but we make it work. Good luck and I hope you figure out something that works for you!
    Adventures in Room 5

  2. We don't have recess...but our lunch is at 9:55 and PE for our Kinders is at 12:30. They are supposed to be working up to that point. =(
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. First bell 8:55. Lunch is at 11. Recess is at 11:20, ends at 11:35. Specials 2:30-3:00. Dismissal at 3:40. No am or pm recess.

    It works just fine. I use brain gym during transitions or as needed.

    Good luck!

  4. Our kids come in at 8:40, have recess at 11:40 and specials at 2:15 with dismissal at 3:00. It works fine!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. Grades k-2 go to pe daily. Grades 3-5 fo to pe 3 days a week. No one gets recess. Not fun.

  6. Recess and then specials!?? Bizarre and not well planned. Sorry to hear about your dilemma. We only have a 15 break in the morning and no recess with lunch. Plus, teachers supervise recess so I'm out with the kids during recess anyway. Some days I think the employees at McDonald's have more scheduled breaks than I do. Oh..the woes of a teacher. Hope it works out for you and the kiddos.

    The Teaching Thief

  7. I teach first grade. Our students arrive at 8AM. We have lunch from 12-12:20 and recess from 12:20-12:35. Then ancillary from 1-1:45 (Mon-PE, Tues-Library, Wed/Thurs-Art, Fri-Spanish) I think at times you feel YOU are the one that needs a break over the students...because the first 4 hours of teaching really take a lot out of ya! But during the morning my students have literacy and math workstations, so they do have time to move around (which helps).

    Good luck with your school year!

    First Grade School Box