Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Made It ~ Organization

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In trying to get organized I decided to get some magazine holders and label them myself instead of buying these.  The only down side is that the folders can't sit horizontally.  

I found some tags I could print off.  I couldn't find the source of my labels but they were similar to these.  They were for labeling hangers/clothes.

 Here are mine. I think the hanger hole was on the stripped part and I just taped the bottom to the top using clear packaging tape.  You can also see my Doodle Bugs notebook/portfolio in the Monday slot. 

I can't wait to see what everyone else created!


  1. Love these Lorena!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    I hope that you'll join me for my giveaway ♥

  2. These are too cute! Love this idea!

  3. Love these! Now if I could only be organized to use them.

  4. Oh my word are these are just adorable!!!! Love how they turned out:))) What a super idea:) Organization makes my soooo happy!! Thanks for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. I love the colors!

    I Love My Classroom

  6. I bought those containers from Lakeshore my first year teaching and found them to be SO useful in keeping things organized! I love yours! Very cute!

  7. I used folders like this last year, but love the boxes. I may have to try making these! :)

    Teaching Star Students

  8. This is a great idea, I used a hanging file last year, but this is so much better, it will hold books and other bulking things that the hanging file wouldn't. OK, so now I have another project to finish before school starts. ;p

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  9. What a great way to stay organized! Thanks for sharing. I am giving away a $20 TPT gift certificate. Come visit and enter to win! :)

    Delighted in Second