Thursday, August 4, 2011

Advice for New Teachers Linky Party

Join in the advice for new teachers linky party!

My advice would be:

1.  Get to know your office and custodial staff.  Having a great rapport with them has helped when something comes up and is needed at the last minute.

2.  Team up with a grade level buddy.  They will keep you informed on annual happenings and school culture.

3.  Save your weekends for yourself, family and friends!  I got this one from a veteran.  I have tried to follow this and stay late on a designated evening.

4.  If something isn't going like you planned, don't worry, the students don't know that!  You will workout the kinks.

5.  Get enough rest and eat right to keep those little germs at bay!

It also helps to teach the students to wash their hands when needed and to sneeze into their elbow.

Best of luck during this first year!

In your teaching program they might have shared this.  Have plenty of support at home and work and it will be a blast!

Be positive and enjoy your class!


  1. Lorena, thank you so much for linking up!! I LOVE the graph at the end!! It is so true! I can't wait to show this to my daughter!

  2. All great advice, but I especially like 4 and 5!

    Amy @ First Things First

  3. Love the phases chart at the funny! :-)