Sunday, May 22, 2011

Emergency Sub Plans - What do you use?

I just had to call in for a sub at the last minute and wouldn't you know it my plans are here and not at work. I have to tweek them and possibly have to tap into some emergency plans I bought online a while back.

My hubby is "Mr.Mom" and he is feeling very sick. So I think I'll be spending time actually being nurse and mom tomorrow. I keep asking him if I can get him anything and well, I'll ask when he isn't blowing chunks, sorry, I know. T.M.I.

What do you do when you have to call a sub at the last minute? Do you have any great resources to share?

The three literature based emergency plans I bought are from The Teacher's Clubhouse. I have never had to use them until now. I'll let you know if they actually workout.


  1. We are required to create a week worth of emergency sub plans for each nine weeks. I thought creating this many plans was silly at first. It was a drag creating them all at once because I was sure I'd never use them.

    Last year I went into surgery at the last moment during the middle of the year and had to tap into the plans. I was grateful that I had appropriate plans for mid year to pull.

    We are required to keep the plans in the top drawer of our desk so that the Principal knows where to pull the plans. Good Plan!

    I usually set aside a progress monitoring or review week of work for my plans and pull the sheet from their math workbooks and leave a specific week of readers set aside from the curriculum that remains untaught. I will use these plans during report card week so that they wont go to waste. You won't be able to use the plans once the nine weeks are complete and allows for a stress free week of preparing report cards!

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  2. I have a "sub tub" that I keep generic lessons & schedule, class lists, emergency procedures, and some worksheets. My class does Daily 5 for reading, which makes it very easy to have substitutes (the class basically runs itself!). Just today, though, I had another idea. I had some extra work packets in case some students got done with their reports early. I think next year I will keep some of those packets for those students that are removed from the room for causing problems.

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